Frequently Asked Questions

We are sorry but we do not offer REFUNDS. If you are not fully satisfied you may exchange your unworn item within thirty (30) days of purchase with your original receipt attached.

In case of Manufacturers defect (ie: loose glass or stones, broken clasp, loose magnets), we will gladly exchange your item within ninety (90) days of original purchase.

Please remember the items are made of glass and must be handled with care. Items that are damaged from liquids or not handled with care will not be covered under our return policy.

You are responsible for all shipping and handling charges.

YES, please email us for additional information

A luv Lockit is a beautiful stainless steel and glass locket that you can add charms to. There are many different lockets and hundreds of different charms to choose from, each locket is unique and personal as it tells your very own story.

All of our beautiful magnetic glass lockets are made from a high grade 316L stainless steel. They have a hinge on the left side so you can open the locket like a book and put all of your personal charms inside. They secure with multiple high-strength magnets on the right side.

Our colorful fun children’s lockets are made of acrylic plastic and glass (not recommended for children under 5 years old). The Locket works the same as our stainless steel lockets with the hinge and magnet system.

Our colorful fun children’s lockets are made from acrylic and GLASS. The charms that go inside are small and can be a choking hazard. Therefore we do not recommend this product for children under the age of 5 years.


• Please hold your Luv Lockit carefully. The locket is glass and may break if dropped. Handle it with care.
• Luv Lockits are not waterproof, avoid getting them wet.
• Do not put lotions, hairsprays or perfumes directly on your luv lockit jewelry.
• Be careful when opening and closing your locket. Make sure all of your charms are lying flat before you close it as the pressure may break the glass.
• You can use a polishing cloth to shine up your locket and charms.

• Our large round lockets are 30mm and can fit between 6 – 12 charms
• Our medium round lockets are 25mm and can fit between 4 -7 charms
• Our small round lockets are 20mm and can fit between 1 – 3 charms

NO, we respect your privacy and will never share any of your personal information with any third party.

We will do our best to fulfill orders right away but due to certain high volume times please give us 2 days to process the order. Delivery time will depend on shipping method used.

Unfortunately, we are unable to make any changes to your order once they have been placed, but if you are not happy with what you receive you may exchange it.